How to choose a playground?

Playground and the games played there is an inseparable part of a wholesome childhood. Climbing develops coordination and balance and tests children’s adroitness. In addition to developing their physical skills, running around on a playground also teaches children to socialize – consider others, find friends and communicate.


Here we will bring out some recommendations on what a public playground in a residential area or park should be like.


1) Playground has to be safe


All playground elements have to be made of materials safe for children.

Make sure that all play structures have their fastenings and junctions, pole ends and element edges solid and safe so that a child would not get stuck anywhere nor injure themselves. All play structures need to be properly installed.


When looking for a playground, it is advised to prefer an experienced and certified producer. Every good-looking slide may not be suitable for our climate since it may become dangerous for children when the weather is wet and cold. It is safer to choose products by a well-known expert since these have proven to be safe and durable.


One of such producer and developer is Benito Urban whose engineering approaches are state of the art and who also considers the wishes and needs of children of different ages. Benito Urban’s playground elements have been awarded TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Thüringen certificates, which means that their products have been tested multiple times and declared compliant with very strict standards.


2) Playground asks for age-appropriate play structures


Kindergarten yards usually have several playgrounds so that both toddlers and pre-schoolers could use attractions suitable for their height and skills. The same idea should also be followed when building public playgrounds – there should be activities for children of all ages and sizes.

For example, playgrounds of the Quinder series are suitable for toddlers, since their play platforms are low, with round corners and their colours fun. Bigger children could enjoy a playground from the Metalic series where there are several playgrounds with climbing poles and ladders, slides and bridges.


3) Versatile playground brings more users


In places where there are many children of different ages, the attractions for different age groups should be located so that frisky children would not be in each other’s way. If there is enough room, there could be different play zones and the area could feature more elements.

In order to house many children at the same time, it is advised to prefer elements that can be used in multiple ways. The bigger playgrounds of the Modus series are spacious enough to house at least ten children, so you do not need to worry about queues or lack of space.

Children also enjoy communicating with others: if they can play tag or similar games climbing up and down, back and forth, it takes a long time till they get bored of climbing around one play ground. The most suitable elements for such entertainments are all kinds of attractions with slides, ladders, stairs, suspension bridges and climbing walls.


4) Playground should look fun, attractive and colourful


Bright colours and stylized house, item, plant, animal and bird images make the playgrounds irresistible for children. The brighter the cooler, is a rule that is always valid when children are concerned. You do not need to be afraid of bold colours because these are what create the environment attractive for children.

Toddlers are also drawn to all kinds of windows and openings they can peep out from. Bigger kids look for versatile pastime activities – they want to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. Climbing walls and nets and the tic-tac-toe wall provide a multitude of activities and do not bore them.


5) Playground must be suitable in the surroundings


There is a suitable playground for every location. The most suitable attractions for environments where stone, concrete and glass are prevailing, are made of stainless and hot-dip galvanized steel. Rustic and green milieus are perfect for swings, slides and climbing elements made of wood or materials imitating wood.

However, there are attractions that look universal. For example, the Klasik Basic series has playgrounds that are suitable for the areas surrounded by blocks of flats, childcare facilities, parks and modern buildings.



6) Public playground has to be durable


When choosing playing facilities for your own garden, it is not vital that the climbing elements would last for many years – children grow up quickly and they never wear it out. But when it comes to public playgrounds where the traffic is heavy, long lifespan and durability become important factors. A playground must be aesthetic, inviting and safe despite the weather and possible acts of vandalism.


Building a public playground is an investment for many years. Strict rules for quality, greater reliability and longer guarantee period are worth it – attractions are safe, durable and if desired, the playground can be enhanced with elements from the same series or the elements can be exchanged instead.


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