Dambis – who are we?


Dambis is a manufacturer and importer of high-quality public space furniture.


The city as a living environment is very important in shaping general well-being. We care that a public space, be it a city street, park, square, beach, parking lot, office space, corridor, rest area, waiting room, hall, shopping center, museum, cinema, theater, kindergarten, school or hospital, is comfortable, practical and beautiful. We want people to feel good in public spaces.

We create a comfortable stay in the urban space thanks to our years of experience, international contact network and unwavering commitment. We believe in a better future and contribute to it every day.

Whether it’s an indoor litter box with a sorting option, a practical bicycle holder, a comfortable park bench, a non-contact hand sanitizing station, a popular fitness area, an adventure playground or a well-thought-out waste house – our product range is wide and constantly expanding. Our product portfolio includes Scandinavian design, the production of brands recognized in Europe, domestic production, as well as custom-made innovative design solutions, which are designed to brighten and reflect the crisp Nordic cityscape.

Our mission is to provide high-quality public space furniture that improves people’s lives through durability and comfort.

Our vision is to be an international platform that brings together the producer and the consumer, making high-quality public space furniture available to everyone.

Our room

The whole world space is the living environment of all of us, which we must maintain together. Urban space is the everyday world in which our movements, actions and thoughts are born. The workspace is where we spend our working day. Therefore, it is important that the interior of the room is comfortable, practical and durable.





This is the living environment of all of us, which we must maintain together. We care about the weather space and do good to the world by following the following principles:

We save the environment

We care about the environment. That is why we use sustainable production technologies, environmentally friendly materials and solutions inspired by green thinking. Our products combine simplicity and practicality, comfort and durability, eye-catching design and thoughtful form. A good example of this is the trash can CitySolar with a solar-powered compression device, the environmentally friendly bollards Tic and Rom, or the environmentally friendly Citizen Eco park bench made of recycled materials. The long service life of the products contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals and is an investment in a better future.

We support the circular economy

Circular economy and responsible use of natural resources are important to us both during product development and at every stage of resale and after-sales service. We are constantly looking for new ways to promote the circular economy, share information on innovative design and production methods, including waste sorting, green lifestyle, environmental friendliness, etc. on our channels.

We promote social life

In addition to creating a better living environment, promoting social life is also a matter of our hearts. Social responsibility plays an important role in our daily activities. We support social campaigns and civic initiatives pointing to society’s pain points with both advice and force. We believe that goodness begets goodness and we do our best to always make worthy thoughts come true.




Urban space is the everyday world in which our movements, actions and thoughts are born. Whether it’s summer or winter, rainy or cold, city or green area, outdoor area or indoor space – we care about making the city more pleasant for all of us. Our main focus is on the following areas of activity:

We create new ways to spend quality time in public space

We help design a public space where everyone can find a nice place to spend free time with loved ones or on their own. We set up park furniture in parks where you can have a picnic with friends or family, and benches where you can rest your feet or read a book. We create outdoor gyms in green areas where you can tone up in the fresh air, and playgrounds where you can have fun with friends. We do our best to ensure that urban furniture is of high quality, comfortable, durable and suitable for weather conditions.

We care about people’s health and improve health sports opportunities

We want all people to be healthy and happy. One way to good health is an active lifestyle. That is why we contribute to the promotion of an active lifestyle. For example, we create health sports opportunities for our employees in the form of sports support. Promoting cycling culture, such as building bike paths and installing bike maintenance stands, is close to our hearts. We share information about it on our channels and do everything we can to make our city more bike-friendly.

We do our best to make the urban space comfortable and beautiful

We care that everyone finds an opportunity to spend quality time in public spaces and that we can feel proud of our city. Our product range is carefully thought out and put together based on our climate and the user of urban furniture. We pay attention to the fact that our furniture is not only comfortable and durable, but also enriches the cityscape with its appearance.





The workspace is where we spend our working day. It is important that the working environment is ergonomic, functional and comfortable. We care about our employees and show it through the following principles:

Good working environment

It is good and comfortable for us to work. We make sure that we have the best tools and a pleasant working environment. We use various modern software solutions that make working fast and pleasant. We regularly offer various trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences to employees. Everyone is important and can have a say in everything that concerns the improvement of work organization and professional development.

The dream team

We are not just co-workers at work, but our team is like our second family, each member of which does his work with heart. Every member of our daycare family cares about finding the best solution to all work-related issues. We share both worries and joys, and in addition to being colleagues, we are also good companions who have so much in common and are great to be with.

Open cooperation

We listen to our partners and customers, consider their wishes and do our best to implement their suggestions and ideas. We add products to our product range based on customer expectations and also share good news from our partners on our channels. We look for common ground between different fields to create new sustainable solutions that make the world a better place.


Dambis – the secret of a full-fledged urban space

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