Dambis qualityprogramme

Unwavering quality

At Dambis, we make no concessions when it comes to quality. You can trust in the value of the urban furniture we manufacture, because all of our products are backed by the following:


A two-year warranty

Our urban furniture is marked out by its durability and user-friendly design. The high-quality materials we use, the carefully chosen partners we work with and the correct care and maintenance ensure that our street furniture will put in many years of service. Our urban furniture will withstand not just the elements, but also frequent use. Our faith in the quality of our outdoor furniture is so strong that we issue every piece with a two-year warranty.

Quality and environmental certification

In the more than 20 years that we have been operating, we have earned a good deal of trust and recognition. Dambis is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was awarded the title of Model Company in 2019. Almost all of our products have been issued with quality and environmental certificates, including ISO certificates. Moreover, the manufacturers whose furniture we market hold a range of certificates evidencing the quality and ease of installation and maintenance of their products.

The reputation of respected European producers

Our product range boasts more than 650 pieces of high-quality outdoor furniture made by recognised European manufacturers. This includes Scandinavian design and other reputable European brands as well as innovative solutions commissioned and designed to brighten up and lend character to the crisp coolness of the urban landscape in northern climes.

Tailor-made solutions

Here at Dambis, customer satisfaction is our top priority. To us it is important that we find the best possible outdoor furniture solution for you.


A wide selection of products and materials

Our portfolio boasts more than 650 pieces of outdoor furniture, and the choice of colours is almost endless. We also offer a wide range of materials, including different types of timber, metals and concrete and more unusual choices like 100% recycled plastic and granulated rubber. All of our playgrounds come with quality certificates and are made from the highest-quality materials.

Design your furniture the way you want it to be

With our urban furniture, there are far more choices open to you than you might imagine. Choose between different colours and tones and the many and varied types, options and arrangements of furniture. For example, you can have timber parts decorated with engravings or find solutions that work well with your company’s visual identity. Litter bins can have stickers promoting the client affixed to them, and park benches can be etched with the company’s logo. The Dambis team is available whenever you need them to assist and advise you in making your choices.

Local partners

Dambis has its own local installation team. Thanks to this, we are able to offer you a high-quality, all-in-one solution taking in everything from production to installation and maintenance. The members of our installation and maintenance teams are fully trained and focus on quality every step of the way. We are also careful to meet environmental requirements when installing and maintaining furniture, keeping the surrounding area in good order while working.

Beneficial cooperation

Here at Dambis we are guided by the principle that cooperation should benefit all of the parties involved. We are here to help you throughout the life cycle of our furniture.


Synergy through partnership

We strive to ensure the satisfaction of all parties, bringing together entrepreneurs, urban planners, architects and city and municipal governments. Our mission is to channel, amplify and add to the positivity that can be drawn from urban space. Good examples of public space in which there is true synergy are ergonomic park benches, secure bike storage and easy-to-use littler bins installed in the right places. We are an urban furniture partner you can trust at any time and in any situation.

Direct contact

Dambis is a reliable partner on any project, from start to finish. Based on our 20 years of experience, we always give the best advice and recommendations. We can also provide consultation and design services. We are here to help you find the best solutions for major outdoor furniture projects and complex installations.

Experts in our field

Here at Dambis we share our urban furniture know-how directly with our clients and also on our blog. For example, you will find information on our blog about how to choose urban furniture, how street furniture makes people’s lives more comfortable and convenient in public space, what the latest trends are in outdoor furniture and how urban furniture is maintained. We aim to make our clients’ journey in choosing, installing and maintaining furniture that is designed for public use as quick, simple and convenient as possible.


You can contact us by e-mailing info@dambis.ee or calling +372 52 38 885. Let’s work together to make your city a better place!