Our wide product portfolio includes Scandinavian design, products by brands recognized in Europe, but also innovative design solutions made to order, created to clarify and illustrate the northern crisp cityscape.

  • BENITO URBAN (168)

    BENITO URBAN is a Spanish company ranking among the largest outdoor furniture manufacturers in Europe. Street furniture produced by Benito can be found in the streets, parks, urban and green areas in 50 countries. The keywords describing Benito Urban include high quality, design, innovation, dedicated team and extensive product range. Benito street furniture has ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 and other quality certificates. For instance, their playgrounds have the TÜV certificate and several of their benches and bike racks the FSC certificate.The most popular products are represented here. If you wish, you can also use other Benito Urban products in your project. You can learn more about the larger product range on the www.www.benito.com  website.
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    MADE DESIGN BARCELONA is an ambitious design furniture manufacturer with their product range including also snazzy outdoor objects. The street furniture by Made Design Barcelona – functional and attractive litter bins and ash trays – is the work of renowned Spanish designers. The portfolio includes indoor recycling bins that are highly popular also in Estonia.
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    STREETPARK is a Czech manufacturer of contemporary street furniture with a design company background. Their factory produces high-quality street furniture marked by functional style perfect for the 21st century public spaces. The keywords describing Streetpark urban furniture are minimalist design, aesthetics, ergonomics and top quality. The product range includes park benches, bike racks, outdoor and indoor litter bins with fresh and smart design and much more. The most popular products are represented here. If you wish, you can also use other Made Design products in your project. You can learn more about the larger product range on the website www.streetpark.eu/en.
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  • FINBIN (32)

    FINBIN is one of the largest Scandinavian furniture manufacturers with their product range including outdoor litter bins, indoor recycling bins, bicycle racks and shelters. The keywords to describe FinBin include top quality materials, innovative design, environmental value, ergonomics, economy and ease of use. The street furniture representing Nordic design can be found in public spaces, shopping centres, terminals, residential areas, parks and playgrounds in Europe, Middle-East as well as in North-America. The most popular products are represented here. If you wish, you can also use other FinBin products in your project. You can learn more about the larger product range on the www.finbin.fi website.
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  • PLAYNETIC (14)

    Internationally renowned Dutch company Playnetic specialises in the production of interactive street furniture with the aim of improving the quality of outdoor spaces through play – both for youngsters and adults. Playnetic manufactures 100% human-powered playgrounds – the users generate energy by playing and thus create music and light shows. For the given purpose, Playnetic has also equipped their products with sound, buttons, LED lights, games, educational guidelines and excellent design. Playnetic wants public spaces to have a positive impact on people’s well-being. According to them, everything is based on safe, well-equipped and interactive public spaces. The most popular products are represented here. If you wish, you can also use other Playnetic products in your project. You can learn more about the larger product range on the www.playnetic.nl website.
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    City Clean Pro makes quality products and services not only effective, but also affordable. It is possible due to high technological and production standards, established supplies, well-considered low-cost logistics and reliable cooperation with the manufacturer.
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  • JOMA URBAN (8)

    Joma Urban is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality urban furniture and outdoor equipment. The company is committed to creating functional, sustainable, and innovative products that enhance the quality of life in urban areas. This already over 75 years! Their product portfolio includes a wide range of outdoor furniture such as benches, tables, chairs, litter bins, and planters, as well as bike racks, bollards, and other urban equipment. Joma Urban's products are made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, and recycled materials, and are designed to withstand the harsh outdoor environment while providing comfort and aesthetics. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Joma Urban has become a trusted name in the urban furniture industry, delivering exceptional products to cities and municipalities around the world. If you wish, you can also order other Joma Urban products  to use in your project. You can learn more about the product range on the https://www.jomaurban.com/en/home website.
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  • PARKIS (1)

    PARKIS is a bicycle vertical lift – smart people‘s smart choice. It acquaints you with a new space-saving reality. PARKIS is a game-changer. It is an automatized space-saving bicycle lift designed for graceful and uncluttered living. If you are looking for a space-saving way to store your bikes, then a vertical bike rack - bicycle lift is the perfect solution. They allow you to hang your bike on the wall vertically. This is a brand that has been continuously striving to create ingenious and simple-to-implement bicycle storage solutions since its creation. PARKIS vertical bike racks are made from high-quality materials built to last. They offer unique variants of clever space-saving vertical bicycle storage solutions. So every bike owner can find what's best for them. And if they decide to buy their bike rack, they will join bike enthusiasts from over 40 countries worldwide already using PARKIS! If you wish, you can also learn more about our collaborator PARKIS from their website https://parkis.eu/shop/
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  • PUMPIC (1)

    PUMPIC bicycle maintenance stations make bicycle maintenance easy! PUMPIC is the ideal solution for inflation of pneumatic tires and emergency repairs. The PUMPIC service station has already won the trust of several Estonian districts.
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